Ranakpur in Rajasthan seen from afar as a green spot

Discover Ranakpur in Rajasthan

Ranakpur in Rajasthan seen from afar as a green spot

Ranakpur in Rajasthan seen from afar as a green spot: wedged hills in the valley up to the valley, where as a jewel is a white shining temple, chiselled in the fifteenth century by handsome hands, sculpting the surfaces to make it The living, speaking marble, which tells the myths and legends of the Jain: celebrates Rishabhadeva, who left footprint here, Dharanashah, Minister of Frog Khumba, who had the temple view as a heavenly vehicle for his lord ; Depa, the architect and his team of artists who gave life to the stones, and of course the Frog Khumba himself, who offered land and means for the construction of the sanctuary, forever linking his name to this place.
Chaturmukha Adinath Temple is masterfully carved and very scenicly and a real chiseled ode in Rishabhadeva, otherwise Adinath, the first of Tinjankaras jain. The three-storey marble building is placed on a high platform and features an unusual quadrilateral plant. 
The delicate and accurate sculptures combine perfectly with the amplitude offered by the 1444 columns of the building, each decorated with unique motifs. Four huge Adinath images in marble candy face the cardinal points in Sancta Sanctorum. The pujaris, priests of the temple, will be happy to accompany you on a visit in exchange for a free offer. It's worth it: let us point to the column with the figure of Dharanashah and that of Depa. The marble-acquired transparency is amazing, the grace of the supreme dancer's poses and the delicacy of motives in the Kalpavalli, memorable charms decorated with climbing charms. Like the immensity of the imagination of architects who created this place. The other two temples of the complex are dedicated to other Tirthankaras: Parsvanath and Neminath.

We offer day tour from Udaipur, located 90 km Ranakpur.

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