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Bundi an ancient town of Rajasthan

Visit Bundi, an ancient town in Rajasthan where time seems to stand still. Formed by hundreds of narrow streets that create a labyrinth of houses, shops and temples.

Bundi is an ancient town in Rajasthan where time seems to have stopped. This small town nestled at the base of a large rocky hill, formed by hundreds of narrow streets that create a maze of houses, shops and temples, most of them painted in an enchanting shade of blue-lavender, as in the more popular Jhodpur. Also turning in the narrow streets you can admire numerous bazaars and temples, street corners that take you back to the past.
Bundi is one of those places where you make peace with the rest of the world and where you would like to stay for a long time. Chaotic, polluted, congested are no longer appropriate terms to describe this city. Calm, relaxed and enchanting are much more fitting words.
A town that has something fairy-tale like, where life flows slowly in a relaxed and hospitable environment. Hindus, Muslims and Jains coexist peacefully in Bundi and the population is clearly proud of the serene atmosphere it has created. You will surely be invited to take part in one of the frequent religious ceremonies that take place in its temples. Don't be shy and accept the invitation, it doesn't matter your religious inclination, if you have one, and it doesn't matter if not everyone speaks English and communication can sometimes falter, they will make you feel welcome.

What to see in Bundi
Bundi Palace
In addition to the picturesque streets of Bundi, the main attraction to visit is the Bundi Palace, which seems to come straight out of a fairy tale, left to itself, without major restorations having ever been done, the most beautiful things that this palace still retains today , are the wall paintings that represent battle scenes.
This impressive palace was built by Rao Raja Ratan Singh Hada between 1607 AD. and 1631 AD. The entire palace is an aggregation of separate buildings built by the sovereigns who have succeeded one another over time, but to the eye they seem to be one in perfect harmony.

Taragarh Fort
This fort from 1354 is situated on the same hill, on which Bundi Palace is located. The palace is situated on the lower side of the hill and the fort is situated on the top of the hill.
From the top of the hill, the city of Bundi looks wonderful for the view of the many blue houses.
Although the fort is not in a good state of conservation, it is worth it just for the panoramic view that can be enjoyed over the surrounding area.

Sukh Mahal
Overlooking a lotus-filled lake, the Jait Sagar, the Sukh Mahal was the summer residence of Rao Raja Vishun Singh. Built during the reign of Umed Singh, it bears an umbrella-shaped white marble chhatri which is its main attraction. It was here that Rudyard Kipling stayed while writing 'Kim'.

Nawal Sagar
This is the artificial lake in Bundi city; evenings on the lake are calm and there are fabulous reflections on the Palace and Fort when the water is calm. The best views of Nawal Sagar are from the fort or the palace, the lake water looks green and with the blue houses of Bundi it creates a wonderful eye catcher. In the center there is a small temple dedicated to Varuna, the god of water, in the afternoon it is full of children playing and bathing in the lake.

Sahr Bagh
On the west side of the Jait Sagar, there is a garden with over sixty royal cenotaphs. These marble tombs are covered with intricate carvings of plants and animals. The lush trees are home to a band of monkeys and other wildlife. A wonderful place to appreciate the surrounding countryside, this peaceful oasis is close to the city and has a unique atmosphere.

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