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Visit Kerala and unmissable experiences in Kerala

Kerala offers several interesting possibilities for any traveler. Surfing on the backwaters, Ayurvedic massages, visiting the tea plantations in Munnar or relaxing at the beach are experiences not to be missed in Kerala.

Kerala offers several possibilities that make it an interesting tourist destination for any traveler. Kerala is sure to enchant any lover of nature with its hills, lakes, beaches, waterfalls and wildlife.
Kerala is a region that is profoundly different from the rest of India; here many foreign explorers have arrived attracted by the spice trade and everywhere there are traces of its colonial past: Syrian churches, mosques, houses in Dutch and Portuguese style, buildings of the raj era and even a sixteenth-century synagogue in Kochi. Tolerance has a long tradition and here, without any disorder, all sorts of confessions have been accepted, which has then assumed a local color over time.
Kerala is one of the richest regions of India where poverty is barely visible and culture maintains original features that are not found elsewhere.

Tourist attractions in Kerala
Whether it's north, south, east or west, every part of Kerala has something unique to explore and enjoy.
For nature lovers, the unmissable destinations of the Kerala tour are Munnar, Wayanad, Periyar, Mattupetty, Athirapally.
In Munnar you will find some interesting tourist attractions such as the Attukal, Rajmala, Chithirapuram and Anamudi Peak waterfalls.
Wayanad is known for its tourist attractions such as Chembra Peak, Neelimala, Meenmutty Falls and Chethalayam.
If you are looking for nature spots, deserve locations like Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam and Kozhikode.
In Alleppey there are a good number of beaches and architectural heritage such as the Krishnapuram Palace, Arthunkal Church, etc. And not to forget the rich nature reserves in Kerala such as the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary.
These are the best places to explore in Kerala, especially when traveling with children. Kerala is also famous for its artistic and architectural heritage. And to give a clear picture of all these wonders, museums like the Museum of Arakkal Kettu, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Art and the Driftwood Museum of Bay Island are a must visit.

Unmissable experiences in Kerala
Experience on the backwaters
Kerala backwaters are a must for anyone visiting this state. Navigating along the maze of canals that wnding for 900 km between the coast and the hinterland is probably the experience that will remain more impressed than the entire trip to Kerala. The boats cross shallow lakes bordered by palm trees and littered with fishing nets. Along the way you will find small villages with mosques, churches, temples, schools, hospitals and tiny agglomerations of houses that form an immense, widespread city.
It is possible to rent houseboats for one or more days, spending whole days slowly, seeing these wonderful landscapes pass by, savoring the authentic cuisine of Kerala, making friends with the villagers and sleeping on the water under the starry sky.

Ayurvedic massage
Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest in the world dating back to 2000 years ago and is said to have been born in Kerala. According to Ayurveda the world has its own intrinsic balance and the disease is nothing but a departure from this order, a loss of balance.
Ayurvedic treatments are aimed at restoring inner balance and therefore good health. There are two main methods to obtain it: the panchkarama (internal purification) and the massage. Each dosha is identified with certain foods and nutrition is an essential component of this type of practice.

Visit the tea plantations in Munnar
After the backwaters, among the places to visit in Kerala there are certainly the tea plantations that are located around Munnar, in the Ghati mountains. Munnar is the main commercial center of the tea and is situated on a mountain landscape of rare beauty. Munnar is a perfect place to relax a few days and enjoy absolutely magnificent views.
The fields seem to be hand-drawn in their perfection and it is wonderful to see the pride in the eyes of women who collect tea dressed in traditional clothes.

Relax on the beach
The entire coast of Kerala is bordered by fine sandy beaches protected by the shade of palm trees. The most famous places are in the south of Kerala, but in the north there are equally beautiful and less touristy. The north is now beginning to develop as a tourist destination and is still a very authentic region in the region. The Indian Ocean is not one of the most beautiful seas in which one can swim, but the beaches are postcard-like, very long and often semi-deserted.

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