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Tourism in Maharashtra

Visit the Indian state of Maharashtra with its tourist attractions of Mumbai, Pune, Matheran, Lonavala.

Maharashtra is a state in central-western India, best known for its fast-paced capital: Mumbai (formerly Bombay), the home of the Bollywood film industry. There are also sites such as the Portal of India monument, which dates back to the Anglo-Indian Empire, and the cave temples of Elephanta Island. In the southern part is the rural Konkan coast with numerous beaches.
The city of Pune is home to the Aga Khan palace, dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi.

Mumbai is the city with the highest population density in the world. Over 13 million inhabitants and an area of ​​31,000 square kilometers; nestled on the west coast of the country and is one of the things to see absolutely in India.
This metropolis develops around a large port, the nerve center of navigation and trade in India, and occupies two islands off the coast, the homonymous Mumbai to the south and the island of Salsette to the north, connected by bridges.
One of the must-see stops when visiting Mumbai is the Taj Mahal Palace. This is a hotel built in 1903, overlooking the Arabian Sea. Here luxury reigns supreme, with elegant furnishings inspired by the Indian tradition.
Inside you will find dozens of restaurants and many shops for shopping. The walk from here continues through the streets of Colaba, an area on the seafront which, in addition to being very touristy and full of shops, is the financial center of the city.
The British left much of their culture behind in Mumbai. Just think of the mammoth Portal of India, a 26 meter high basement, built on the occasion of the arrival of King George V. This structure, overlooking the sea and composed of a large yellow basalt arch surrounded by 4 turrets, stands out among the various palaces of the city and is one of the symbols of Mumbai.
Also worth a visit are the Caves of Elephantia, on the island of the same name not far from the port of Mumbai and the splendid Haji Ali Mosque. The latter, colored white thanks to the marble that composes it, seems to float on the waters of the Arabian Sea.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves (Aurangabad)
The Ajanta and Ellora Caves are located near Aurangabad in northern Maharashtra, about 400 km from Mumbai. There are 34 caves in Ellora dating from the period between the 6th and 11th centuries AD, and 29 caves in Ajanta dating from between the 2nd century BC and the 6th century AD.
While the Ajanta Caves are filled with paintings and sculptures, the Ellora Caves are renowned for their stunning architecture. The most amazing thing about all of these caves is that they were built by hand, with just a hammer and a chisel.

Matheran, the closest mountain resort to Mumbai, was discovered in 1850 by the British during their occupation of India and later turned into a popular summer retreat.
Located at a height of 800 meters above sea level, this cool place provides an escape from the scorching temperatures. However, the most unique thing and what makes it so special is that all vehicles are prohibited - even bicycles. It is a relaxing place to relax away from noise and pollution. You get to Matheran by taking the scenic train.

Nashik, about a four-hour drive from Mumbai, is a city of contrasts. On the one hand, it is an ancient and sacred pilgrimage destination with a charming old town and temples. On the other, it is home to the largest wine region in India.

Tadoba National Park
The Tadoba National Park and Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best places to see a tiger in the wild in India.

Pune is a blend of history, natural beauty and modernity. Some interesting places to visit near Pune also offer activities like camping, bird watching, and more.
The city is adorned with majestic forts, palaces and temples. You can spend a day exploring the expansive Shaniwar Wada Fort or take a morning trek to Sinhagad. So, in Appu Ghar amusement park, you can have fun with your family and children. A hike to the top of the Taljai Hills or Vetal Tekdi Hill is a good option if you are looking for a place to regenerate.
The Osho Ashram is another must-see place to calm the restless mind and seek inner peace.

Just two hours southeast of Mumbai is Lonavala, halfway between Mumbai and Pune.
Lonavala offers a blend of hills, history and adventure. Its surroundings have been the backdrop to many Bollywood dance and film scenes.
There are many tourist attractions to visit, such as forts, lookouts, lakes, dams and waterfalls. The ancient karst caves carved into the rock are also worth a visit.

For fresh strawberries (such as mulberries, raspberries and gooseberries) head to Mahabaleshwar in the western Ghat mountains.
For lovers of active holidays, in the surroundings there are many activities to do such as trekking, fishing, rowing, horseback riding or, more simply, you can relax while admiring the view from one of the many panoramic points.

The historical and cultural city of Kolhapur is a lesser known tourist destination, located along the Panchganga River.
Its magnificent temples are one of the main attractions, the best known being the Mahalaxmi temple.
The new palace of the Maharaja of Kolhapur, built in 1884, has a grandiose Indo-Saracen architecture. It now houses the Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Museum, containing relics of the rulers of Kolhapur. Kolhapur also has a couple of interesting claims to fame: the famous Kolhapuri chappals (shoes) originate from there and the city is said to produce the best Kushti wrestlers.

Konkan coast
The Konkan coast of Maharashtra offers a number of beautiful beaches, which are among the most pristine in the country. Outside the tourist flows of other seaside resorts, they are devoid of much commercial development and many are practically deserted.

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