Hindu wedding

We organize weddings according to the Hindu ritual at Amritsar in India. Getting married in India according to the Hindu ritual.

Getting married in India with Hindu ritual

We organize weddings according to the Hindu ritual at Amritsar in India. Getting married in India according to the Hindu ritual.

Do you want to get married in India by following the Hindu ritual?
We organizes your wedding in Amritsar in India following the Hindu ritual.

Weddings, according to Hindu beliefs are made in heaven, and once you are married, the link should last for seven lives. It is considered a turning point in the life of an individual as he enters the second important phase or in the ashram of his life: the "Garhasthyaashram". Great importance is associated with marriages in Hinduism because it is considered one of the most important tasks of a man's life.
Through marriage he is paying his debt to his ancestors, procreating children and ensuring the continuation of his family's lineage. Hindu marriages are long processes, with various rituals that can take days to be performed. Every single custom and practice in a marriage ceremony has a profound philosophical and spiritual meaning.
Hindus all over the world adhere to these series of rituals and continue the traditions of marriage.
Hindu marriages are based on centuries-old traditions that have been translated into laws. According to the traditions, a Hindu wedding can not be canceled and is irrevocable. The laws of Hindu marriage of modern days prohibit polygamy or polyandry. In India, as well as in most Hindu cultures around the world, arranged marriages are still the preferred way to get hitchhiking. The consensus and happiness of families are of utmost importance in Hindu culture because marriage is not only the union of two souls, but also the union of two families.

In our location in Amritsar in northern India we can arrange weddings according to the abbreviated hindu ritual.

Day 01
Mendi function
This is a very important function of Hindu marriage. Without this ritual one can not even imagine marrying.
In this ritual, particular Heena paste is applied to the hand and the bride's foot with drawings.
Chuda Ceromny: In this Ceromny Bride she wears Red Bangles with her Mama (Mother's Brother) or Brothers.
Sangeet (DJ Night): family and friend express their happiness with Dance at night on DJ.

Day 02
Haldi: This ritual is also very important for getting married to the Hindu ritual.
haldi (Turmric) applied to both spouses. haldi or turmeric holds a special place of honor.
The groom with his family and a friend goes to the bride's house. They all dance in Joy on Dhol or Dj. many rituals take place from both families Wedding ceremony (Anand Kara) Cermony Punjabi done in Gurdwara where the priest reads the Holy Book to complete the ceromny and Bride and Groom take Phers (Round) around the Guru Granth sahib (Holy Book of Sikhs).
Kanyadaan (Rituals of the father of the bride)
After lunch, dance, rituals, photography, the groom takes the bride with him to his house. There they celebrate.

These are the main functions that can be done in 2 days.
We can organize other functions of the Hindu ritual in relation to the time available and the budget.
Minimum 2 days to do the rituals of the Hindu Marriage.


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