Hindu wedding in India

We organize weddings according to the Hindu ritual at Amritsar in India. Getting married in India according to the Hindu ritual.

Do you want to marry in India to follow the Hindu ritual?
Tour India With Driver organizes your wedding in Amritsar in India following the Hindu rituals.

Marriages, according to beliefs are made in heaven, and once you are married, the bond must last for seven lives. It is considered a turning point in the life of a person who enters the second phase or in the ashram of his life: the "Garhasthyaashram". Great importance is associated with marriages in Hinduism because it is considered one of the most important tasks of a man's life.
Through marriage he is paying his debt to his ancestors, procreating children and ensuring the continuation of his family's lineage. Hindu marriages are long processes, with various rituals Every single custom and practice in a marriage ceremony has a deep philosophical and spiritual meaning.
All over the world Hindus adhere to a series of rituals and recent marriage traditions.
Hindu marriages are an argument about secular traditions that have been translated into laws. According to the traditions, a Hindu wedding can not be canceled and is irrevocable. The laws of Hindu marriage of modern days prohibit polygamy or polyandry. In India, as in most Hindu cultures around the world, I once again hitchhike. The consent and happiness of families is not only the union of two souls, but also the union of two families.

Main rituals of Hindu marriage
There are many regional variations for Hindu marriage and considerable flexibility in making them.
Variations can be made on families, premises, household resources and other factors. Some of the main rituals are slightly different and performed in different ways in the various regions of the country.

During our Hindu ceremonies we perform the rituals that are common to all Hindu wedding ceremonies with the possibility of expansion according to the needs of the spouses.

It is the fundamental ritual of Hindu marriage in which the father is the daughter to the groom.
The Kanyadaan ceremony is performed by the bride's father, or by a bridal guardian performing the ritual. The father brings his daughter and then puts a hand of the bride in that of the groom. This marks the beginning of the ceremony.
The groom has accepted the hand of the bride, while the kamasukta (hymn to love) is recited, in the presence of the father, the bride and the groom.
After the recitation of this ritual, the father asks the groom not to fall in his search for Dharma (moral and legal life), Artha (wealth) and Kama (love). The groom promises to the bride's father that he will never fail in his search.
The groom repeats the promise three times.
The bride's promise to the bride's father marks the end of the kanyadaan, the Hindu wedding ritual.

The ritual of the Panigrahana comes after the Kanyadana. Sometimes, this ritual is preceded by the Vivaha-Homa ritual, in which a symbolic fire is illuminated by the groom to mark the beginning of a new family.
Panic is the ritual of holding hands as a symbol of their next union and the groom announces his acceptance of responsibility to four gods: Bhaga for wealth, Orange for the sky / Milky Way, Savita for splendor / beginning and Purandhi for the wisdom. The groom looks west, while the bride stands in front of him facing east; he takes his hand while reciting the Vedic mantras.

Saptapadi is the most important Hindu marriage and represents the legal part of marriage.
The couple turns seven times around the sacred fire (Agni), which is considered a witness of the vows made by the spouses.
The bride and groom have their clothes tied together and every turn around the fire is managed alternately by the bride or groom.
Every turn is a request for a specific blessing The main meaning of saptapades is to establish friendship, which is the basis of a Hindu marriage.

In our location in Amritsar in northern India we are able to organize weddings according to the Hindu ritual.

These are the main functions that can be done in 2 days.
We can organize other functions of Hindu ritual marriage in relation to available time and budget.
Minimum 2 days to do the rituals of Hindu Marriage.


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