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Visit Goa and its beautiful beaches

Goa is one of the most visited places in India thanks to its spectacular beaches so beautiful that are renowned all over the world.

Goa is a state of western India whose coasts extend along the Arabian Sea. Traces of its past from a Portuguese colony, which lasted until 1961, are still evident in the churches dating back to the seventeenth century and in the spice plantations of the area. Goa is also famous for its beaches, ranging from the popular Baga and Palolem, to those of lesser-known fishing villages such as Agonda.
In Goa Velha you will find the majestic Portuguese-style cathedral and baroque basilica of the Good Jesus, which houses the relics of the patron saint of the state, Francesco Saverio. In Panaji, the capital, the intricate streets of the Latin Quarter are full of art galleries, cafes and Portuguese colonial houses. For shopping enthusiasts, an obligatory stop is the famous flea market of Anjuna and the evening bazaar held in Mackie during the summer.
On the coast, the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary offers an exceptional view of the indigenous mangrove ecosystem.
The inland parts of Goa small villages, quiet residences, waterfalls and jungle trails.

Goa is one of the most visited places in India thanks to its spectacular beaches.
In fact, the beaches of Goa are so beautiful that they are renowned all over the world.
In Goa you can make a lots of sports activities: Jet skiing, kitesurfing, parasailing and water boarding are some of the water sports that can be practiced.Any trip to Goa would be considered incomplete if you do not enjoy the extraordinary nightlife in Goa.
Goa is the ideal place to visit if you just want to relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches.

Top places to visit in Goa
Fort Aguada
A legacy of Portuguese domination, Fort Aguada was erected on the beach facing the Arabian Sea in 1612 when it was built to provide defense against the Dutch invaders and Marathas. Fort Aguada is a great place to explore the beaches of Candolim or Sinquero.
The old fort offers a good view of the sea and the sunset.

Basilica of Bom Jesus
The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the place where the incorrupt body of San Francesco Saverio is kept. The church was built in 1605 and the body of the saint was brought in 1622 where he has since placed in his glass mausoleum. The body is perhaps the biggest attraction of the Basilica.
The building is built in Baroque style and is considered one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in India.

The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
The beautiful church that was built for the first time as a chapel in 1541. Above this chapel was built in 1619 the largest church building. Since then it has undergone many revisions, but the original building has remained intact. It attracts devotees from all over the world and has been a spiritual reference point for Catholics over the centuries.
Today this church is a beautiful white landmark in Panaji with a delightful multicolored interior that immediately gives peace and joy.

Dudhsagar waterfalls
Dudhsagar waterfalls are located on the border between Goa and Karnataka and are one of the unmissable attractions of India. The four-tier waterfall structure is one of the highest in India and is located on the Mandovi River. The white water drops from a height of almost 1017 feet from an almost overhanging mountain wall.
The waterfalls are part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Shrine and the Mollem National Park, so the best way to reach them is to enter the national park and take the vehicle assigned to the waterfalls park.
Waterfalls can be reached by trekking from Kulem and following the jeep route. Another possible route is the trekking from Castle Rock in Karnataka.

Baga Beach
The Baga beach is the most famous of all the beaches in Goa and as a tourist visiting Goa you've never been to Goa if you have not been to Baga.
Full of activities you can indulge in, Baga Beach and the surrounding areas will not give you time to get bored. There is always something exciting to do here. In the morning, the beach is an ideal place to relax, sunbathe and interact with tourists from all over the world.

Calangute Beach
The largest beach in Goa, Calangute Beach is also affectionately known as the "Queen of beaches". It is among the top ten beaches in the world, which means it is one of Goa's must-see tourist spots.
The beach of Calangute and that of Baga are separated from each other by some rocks.

Candolim beach
The daily activities offered on this beach are its best attraction. You can perform a whole range of beach activities including a wide range of water sports, all at very reasonable prices. You can choose to spend some time in Candolim Beach and then go to Calangute next door or just spend the whole day on this beach and explore the nearby attractions.
Many churches and chapels dot its neighborhood and there is also an old lighthouse located within Fort Aguada.
The Fort Aguada prison is also a tourist attraction.
The beach is the ideal place for honeymoon couples or for a romantic getaway because it offers the much desired solitude but not at the cost of leaving you absolutely bored.

Arambol Beach
Arambol Beach is located in the north of Goa and became popular when people came to escape the crowds of Baga and Calangute beach. Today it is famous in itself and attracts many tourists, although not in the amount of Baga and Calangute. This is a beautiful beach to visit if you are looking for a place that combines adventure sports in Goa with relaxation. The strong winds on the promontories around the beach make it an ideal place for paragliding and kitesurfing.
A verdant jungle near the beach is a good option for trekking in Goa.

Palolem beach
Palolem is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, or at least it was until it was invaded by commercialization in the form of huts and street vendors. Nonetheless, its peaceful waters bordered by headlands are still very attractive.
The shape of the beach makes the sea calmer than in other Goa beaches.
There are also many tourist attractions to visit such as the Island of the Apes and the Sanctuary of the Wildlife of Cotigao.
If you simply want to relax and relax, Palolem is a good place to do it.

Anjuna Beach
Anjuna, a small village on the north coast of Goa, is among those few places to see in Goa and one of the best beaches of India, set in the picturesque background of the hills that surround it.

Grand Island
Grand Island is the nirvana of water sports from diving to snorkeling to fishing. Diving in Goa is the most popular activity because it offers so much in terms of underwater exploration.
There are shipwrecks that are found here as well as some coral reefs. The "Suzy" wreck and the "Davy Jones Locker" are particularly popular with divers such as Serge City, Bounty Rock and Turbo Tunnel.

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