Punjabi wedding in India

We can organize Punjabi weddings in India according with the Punjabi rituals. Minimum rituals for Punjabi weddings require take two days.

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Tour India With Driver can organize your wedding in India according to the Punjabi ritual

Punjabis are happy go lucky and fun loving people. They love to party and are also excellent hosts. This fun-loving nature reflects in their weddings too. The main attractions of any big, fat Punjabi wedding are delicious feasts and delicacies, good music and lots of dancing. Punjabi weddings are colourful, loud and full of masti and dhamal.
Here are all the fun pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals that are an important part of a Punjabi shaadi!

Rituals of Punjabi wedding
The very first step, the roka or thaka is an extremely informal ceremony of engagement. The roka ceremony is the establishment of the bride and groom’s desire to marry each other. Once their respective families mandate the relationship, the roka ceremony is held at either the bride or the groom’s place. It is an intimate ceremony, involving the parents and close relatives on both sides. The bride’s family gifts the groom’s family a bunch of things, especially dry fruit and sweets, and vice versa. The ceremony is concluded with a feast.

The sagai, or the formal engagement, involves the exchange of rings in a lavish affair, with friends and distant relatives in attendance, apart from the close family. The sagai is a ceremony that involves a huge feast, since friends and family from afar are expected to attend.

The mehendi ceremony, and the ladies sangeet is perhaps one of the most fun-filled affairs of an Indian wedding. Women on both sides of the families- the bride and groom’s- get the palms of their hands painted with henna, as they dance away to popular music and gorge on scrumptious desi-ghee infused snacks. The ceremony is significant for preparing the bride for her wedding. Traditionally, this is when the popular Punjabi folk dance, gidda, was performed, alongside a dholki, though the energetic dance has now given way to Bollywood performances.

This lesser known ritual is deeply significant as it is known to be a carrier of good luck for the bride and groom on their wedding day. It is the very first ritual of the wedding day. A priest ties a mauli, or a sacred red thread, on the wrists of the bride and groom, in their respective homes. The couple is supposed to wear the thread throughout, a violation of which is supposed to bring bad luck!

Choodha Chadhana
This ceremony involves gifting the bride 21 red and ivory coloured bangles by her maternal uncles. Immediately after the kangna-bandhna, the bride and the elder sit around a havan. The maternal uncles place the bangles, which have been purified in a concoction of rose water and milk, on the bride’s wrists. The bride is not supposed to see the bangles as she is being made to wear them- she only sees them later in the day.

The bride is gifted embellishments that hang from her bangles. These heavy embellishment, or kalire, are gifted to her by her sisters and friends. The bride then shakes her hands above the heads of her friends, and if a bit of the kalire falls on the heads of any of them, they are supposed to get married next. The entire ceremony is fun-filled and informal.

Punjabi wedding known for its functions like Mehndi, Sangeet (DJ Night), Chuda ceromny, Haldi etc.

Mendi Function
This is very important function of punjabi wedding. Without Mehndi ceremony the wedding can't be imagined. This is particular henna paste which apply on bride's hand and foot in designs.

Chuda ceremony
In this ceremony the bride wear red bangles by her mother (Mother's Brother) or brothers.

Sangeet (DJ Night)
Family and friends express their happiness by dance at night on DJ.

This is also very important ceremony of wedding. Haldi (Turmric) is applied on both bride and groom.  Haldi or turmeric holds a special place of honour.
It is known for its anti-inflammatory and other healing properties, because of which it has become popular as a medicine as well.

After this all wear punjabi traditional clothes. Groom with his family and friend go to bride's home. They all dance in Joy on Dhol or Dj.
Many rituals take place by both familiys.

Wedding Ceremony (Anand Kara)
Punjabi ceremony done at Gurdwara  where priest read the holy book in order to complete the ceremony and bride and groom take Phers (rounds) around the Guru Granth sahib (Holy book of Sikhs).

After lunch, dance, rituals, photos groom take the bride with him to his home.

These are the main function, we can do many more function but it depend on the time and budget.
Minimum 2 days require to do this type of Weeding.
Hindu wedding is also same. But it happen at night and in temple beside of Gurdwara rest of the function are same.


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