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Visit Pushkar Hindu pilgrimage destination

Pushkar is different from any other city in Rajasthan is a magnetic spot and Hindu pilgrimage destination.

Pushkar is different from any other city in Rajasthan: is a magnetic spot and Hindu pilgrimage destination.
Although it is a relatively small town it boasts many temples, including the most famous is the one dedicated to Brahma.
Beyond Bazaar Sadar, the staircases sway in ghats and monkeys move between the roofs of the palaces.
The watermarks of the balconies, the poles of the rusty light and the southwest end in Parikrama Marg, the Jaunian temple that floods music and prayers all around, the earth's rushes tangle between the stuck buildings and the bright colors of the inscriptions blend With the sweetness of the curly pajamas sold along the way: all this is Puskar a glittering maze wrapped in dust that is attached to the walls of the houses.

What to see and do in Pushkar
Visit the beautiful temples
Pushkar is considered the land of temples and it is said that the city has even more than 500 temples.
The best known are the Savitri temple, the Brahma temple, the Gautama Maharishi temple, the Varaha temple, the Apteshwar Mahadev temple, the 108 Mahadev temple where 108 idols of Lord Shiva can be seen.
Pushkar is also known as the King of Pilgrimage city and one of the best known places for Hindus.

Discovering the Thar desert with camel safari
Pushkar is a place from which to explore the beauty of the Thar desert through camel safaris. Considered as one of Pushkar's most popular activities, tourists can enjoy the golden sand dunes around the city. Camel safaris can last from several hours to several days depending on the interest of the traveler.

The city of Pushkar is known for the numerous ghats that surround Pushkar Lake. Visit a Ghat and it is really a wonderful experience: enjoying the fragrance of flowers and incense sticks combined with the chants of the choir mantra will make this experience unique.

Shopping in Pushkar
One of the best things to do in Pushkar is shopping, thanks to the cheap and great prices of items such as crafts, jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes make Pushkar one of the best shopping destinations in India.

Hiking in the Pushkar hills
People looking for adventures can hike on Ratnagiri Hill, which is the settlement point of the famous Savitri Temple and from here you can see the panoramic view of the city of Pushkar. The view that is enjoyed at dawn is splendid.

Ajaypal Ji Temple
Located about 10 km from Pushkar, the Ajaypal Ji temple was built by Ajaypal, the founder of the city of Ajmer in the 11th century.
Along the way you will pass through various villages, woods, sand dunes and finally hills.

Hot air balloon
The balloon is one of the adventurous sports that you can practice during the Pushkar fair.

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