Gwalior is a historically rich and one of the most popular cities of Madhya Pradesh area.

Tour Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh

Gwalior is a historically rich and one of the most popular cities of Madhya Pradesh area.

Gwalior is a historically rich and one of the most popular cities of Madhya Pradesh area.
With their stunning forts and intricate palaces Gwalior are been popularly called as the Fort City and the city stands true to its name.
Located at 122 km from Agra, you must visit Gwalior for its history and architecture, apart from the serene ambiance and ancient temples. Gwalior has a distinct charm of its own that can be experience only if you explore it well enough. Most of the attractions of Gwalior still remain under explored and these attractions should be a definite must visit. Before you head to this beautiful city, know little more about the history of Gwalior.

Tourist Attractions in Gwalior:
Gwalior Fort
Located on a magnificent sandstone hill Gwalior fort was once the administrative quarters of the Tomars, the views from the fort are breathtaking and a total treat to the eyes. As you walk up the hill you will also see the statues of many Jain Theerthankaras that were carved in the form of rock faces. The fort is home to 11 Jain temples and also the magnificently beautiful Maan Mandir Palace. 


Chanderi, a strategic city during the medieval era, hase a lot of sightseeing spots to visit. One of the biggest attractions was the Chanderi fort which is currently in ruins though, with breathtaking views that it offers. You can view the entire city from the top of the fort which is truly a sight to behold. 

Madhav National Park
Madhav National Park that is popular for its many stunning monuments. Spread over 355 sq km this is one attraction that you must visit when in Gwalior. This park has several trees and is rich in wildlife too. Of all the tress that you get to see there, some of the major ones are the khair, kerdhai, tendu,dhawda, palas and also the salai. 

Jai Vilas Mahal
This palace is said to be an 11th century palace and a visit to this palace must be done if you visit Gwalior. Explore this attraction for its architectural beauty and grandeur. 

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