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Visit Abhaneri and the Chand Baori

Abhaneri is a recommended stop on the way from Agra to Jaipur, a small village famous for the Chand Baori, a spectacular stairwell.

Abhaneri is a recommended stop on the route from Agra to Jaipur, on the long journey that separates these two cities of Northern India.
It is about 90 km from Jaipur and 160 from Agra.
Abhaneri is a tiny lost village in Rajastan, almost on the border with Uttar Pradesh, it is famous for the stepped well Chand Baori, a small architectural wonder and one of India's deepest and largest stepped wells.
According to a legend, this well was built in a night by the spirits, much more probably it was built in the 7th century by King Chand.
His regular geometries so made it easy access to water during periods of drought, the level of which varies during the year depending on the season.
In all there are 3500 steps and 13 floors, with water that is about 30 meters below the level of access to the well.
Although the visit of the site of Abhaneri does not involve more than a half hour, it is an unmissable stop for beauty and originality.
Upon entering you are overwhelmed by extreme geometry and architectural complexity.
In agreement with the tradition and culture of the place, before visiting the temple you must wash your hands and feet, another reason why there is a well. The delicate finishes of the structure are a real pleasure for the eyes.

Other tourist attractions of Abhaneri
Besides the Chand Baori, there are interesting tourist attractions and interesting Baoris in the area. One of these, which has gained the attention of tourists is the temple of Mata Harshat, he considered a deity brings happiness and joy. Religious belief tells us that divinity is always happy and gives joy to the whole village. This temple came to light in the tenth century and is testament to the architectural and sculptural style of ancient India.

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